Halo: Reach

On Halo: Reach I was the art lead in charge of the multiplayer space station map called Condemned.  I also contributed environment art and skybox work  to the other Defiant maps.

“The Condemned map takes place after the fall of Reach, as the Covenant destroy remaining human ships and scorch the planet’s surface. Taking a look outside the space station’s windows reveals this desperate view, and it’s truly a sight to behold. This is one of the most vibrant multiplayer maps I’ve seen in the Halo series so far.”  – GameInformer.com, Defiant Map Pack Hands-On Preview

“The rest of Condemned is a warren of interweaving decks, corridors, and platforms that seem like some of the most intriguing new battle spaces we’ve seen for Reach.” Gamespot.com, Defiant Map Pack Preview